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Petitions Filed

SHHS attorneys have asked for and received an extension concerning the hearing that was to be held with the PSEA before the NLRB on Monday.

New dates have been set and agreed upon. They will be February 22, 23, 28, 29, and March 1 st.

At these meeting the NLRB will determine the date of the election and who will be able to vote. The hearing will begin at 0930 each morning and is open to the public.

Its not too late to sign a card authorizing the PSEA to represent you in the upcoming election. If you have not signed a card and wish to do so, please seek out a union representative now.

As we have stated many times this card is only used in order to show the NLRB we have a significant enough interest in the PSEA to warrant an election be held. At the election, you can vote yes or no for collective bargaining.



All questions and answers will be kept confidential




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