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The Other Side

An Unofficial Supplement to the Union Jots

Issue 1 November 1999

Welcome to our supplement

It seems that the Union Jots is disappearing faster than a Bible during Hitlerís reign. I surmise this was done for our own good in order to preserve our promising future and the family atmosphere here at SHHS. The problem is the future doesnít look to good and SHHS is not our family. It is a business and has no moral right to censure the information available to its employees. If they really wanted their employees to make an informed decision why does the management so fear the employees having all the information they need in order to make an informed decision. Thus, this supplement was created.

OK, Enough Ranting

I would like to thank all of the employees who have signed a card authorizing the PSEA to represent them in the upcoming election. Although at the present time we have more than enough cards signed to force an election we would like to have at least 70 percent of the eligible employees sign an authorization card before filing with the NLRB. If the current interest is any indication this goal will be an easily obtainable goal. If you have not yet signed a card authorizing the PSEA to represent you in the upcoming election please read all of the available information and make an in formed decision.The choice will be clear.


Contrary to any misinformation you may have seen in the past, You do not give away any rights by signing an authorization card. The cards are only used to show the NLRB that there is enough interest in PSEA to legally file for an election. Signing a card is not a vote. The election will be held 30 days after filing with the NLRB.You will have your chance to vote for or against PSEA representation at that time.


To the Licensed Technical Employees of Uniontown Hospital.

They voted on October 26 overwhelmingly winning the right to be represented by PSEA.The RNs lost by a narrow margin of 11 votes and are anticipating a solid victory next year. Washington Hospital has filed a petition with 450 RNs signing cards. Allegheny General is voting Nov 18 and 19.

A little reminder for Employees and Management

The Wagner Act prohibits the employer from certain acts, known as unfair labor practices. If you feel you are the victim of an unfair labor practice, contact the NLRB, which will assign an agent to look into your case or consult a lawyer.

Unfair labor practices include management:

  • Threatening to fire a worker for union activity.
  • Threatening a worker in any way, implicitly or explicitly, because of union activities. This can include demotions, reprimands, etc.
  • Asking workers about union activities.
  • Threatening cuts in pay or benefits.
  • Promising increases in pay or benefits, beyond those normally scheduled. (Of course, this only applies until the election.)
  • Spying on union activity.

The Act also specifies some union activities as illegal:

  • Barring employees from entering the place of work.
  • Acts of force against workers.
  • Threats against any workers.
  • The NLRB uses a doctrine known as "the totality of conduct" when determining unfair labor practices. This means it looks at the employer's conduct throughout the entire campaign to determine if the law has been broken. In other words, an employer doesn't have to blatantly flaunt labor law to be reprimanded. If the employer constantly bends the law, or commits many minor infractions, the NLRB may find the employer in violation. It therefore behooves all employees to write down all infractions, no matter how minor. Write down the date, who was involved, the time of day, and any witnesses. Good documentation can be critical in winning a favorable ruling

from the NLRB .

What do you think about our new

Benefit package?

If you become ill who will pay your bills untill your long term disability insururace becomes active at 180 days. How will the increased cost in your heath insurance premiums effect your family budget? How about the increase in your presciption copayment.

Would you have signed a contract authorizing these changes?

Are you getting a little tired of being an at will Employee?

How much have you REALLY saved by not

Paying union dues?