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Jefferson Hospital Nurses Association/

Jefferson Hospital Technical Employees/

PSEA Healthcare

Thursday, February 24, 2000


Dear colleagues,


The hearing of the NLRB concluded on Wednesday, February 23 and we the organizers of the Jefferson Hospital Nurses Association would like to provide you with a brief synopsis of the proceedings.


On the first day of the hearing management's attorneys refused to consider the RN petition until the Tech petition was resolved. They presented their position of 32 different categories of Technical employees. Their idea of whom qualified as a technical employee differed somewhat from ours. They seem to feel that surgical techs, ER techs, respiratory therapists and cardiology techs, to name a few, did not belong in the Technical bargaining unit. Yet, they felt that diet techs, inventory management techs, computer operators, system analysts and the tumor cancer registrar did belong. . After a lengthy closed door meeting among the members of the organizing committee a strategic decision was made to temporarily pull the Jefferson Hospital Technical Employees petition rather than spend the next two weeks presenting, examining and cross examining witnesses for these 32 different categories of technical employees. It was of the opinion of the organizing committee that management's strategy was to dilute the vote and to draw out the hearing as long as possible in order for them to have more time for an anti-union campaign. We plan to resubmit the petition for the Jefferson Hospital Technical Employees soon after we receive an election date for the Jefferson Hospital Nurses Association from the NLRB.


The second day of the hearing went smoothly as expected. The only RNs to be disallowed were the Team Leaders and a few charge nurses. This was at the request of the hospital attorneys. Management's council did succeed in delaying the election somewhat by introducing the academic position that Jefferson Hospital Nurses Association/PSEA was not a labor organization. (A matter that was decided by the court in 1959!). The attorneys for each party have until Wed March 1 to file briefs with the NLRB on this matter and it is expected to be resolved in about 10 minutes. The NLRB will then set an election date. We anticipate the election will be held the last week of March.



Make an informed decision

Jefferson Hospital Nurses Association Organizing Committee


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